Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hello World!

Tap tap tap, check 1, check 2. Is anyone still out there?

My host domain prompted me to renew or cut ties with ol', and I decided to renew for the time being. Why? I don't know. Maybe I'll magically find time to write again.

It seems like blogging in general isn't the same as it used to be. I still follow most of my original "RBFs" like DiscomBoBulated, MissZippy, RunnerLeana, JillWillRun, MarciasHealthySlice, CookTrainEatRace, and others, but many have gotten out of the game. CTK is in desperate need of an update, ie: that header pic is from 2009. Yeah.

So what's new since my last post back in early May?

  • Back-to-back 5k's (Swamp Rabbit Friday evening, Pump & Run Saturday morning) Swamp Rabbit - unremarkable. Conserving for Saturday morning. CrossFit 864 Pump & Run - Benched 110lbs for 10 reps followed by a 20:53 5k. First female for the run portion, 3rd overall with bench factored in.
  • PR'd Fran (21-15-9 thrusters & pullups) - 6:00 flat

  • 1 Mile PR - 5:50! Woot!
  • Also PR'd the Snatch - 100#, not my forte
  • Sunrise 8k - 36:04, 1st place AG
Apparently I ran in the same shirt/shorts all year.
  • PR'd a bunch of things: Push Press 135, Strict Press 105, Front Squat 150, Back Squat 165, OH Squat 105, Deadlift 200
  • Soaked up the sun at the beach. Went on a 9-mile run!
  • Celebrated the grandparents 80th up in NY.
  • Finally moved everything out of the old house (we moved in March, technically).

  • PR - Power Clean 150
  • Michelin 5k - Paced sister to her new 5k PR (last race in my 20's)
  • Avoided the ice bucket challenge.

  • Got "turf toe".
  • Turned 30. Celebrated in Turks & Caicos (amazing!).
  • Started shopping for retirement communities (just kidding ... sort of).

  • Got injured. Again.
  • Bridesmaid duties for a college friend (complete with my pimp cane).
  • Changed my first diaper. Traumatizing. But, it motivated my niece to start taking potty training seriously the next week.

  • PR -  Bench press 145
  • Still injured. Sucks.

  • Realized my insurance was only $200 from being maxed out, so I went to the doc and had an MRI done.
  • Started PT, started being cleared to do some "exercises". Just happy to be moving again.

And how about those 2014 goals? Yeah...

- Run a marathon (it's been almost 3 years!). Probably something in the Fall. FAIL
- Sub-20 min 5k (current PR 20:33 from 2011). I ran a 20:53 in May which I was happy with, but still a FAIL.
- Sub-12 min 2-miler (current PR 12:32 from 2008). Didn't even run the local 2-miler. Went on vacation instead! FAIL/WIN?
- Honestly, a PR in anything would be sufficient... PR'd the mile. WIN.
- Run 1000 miles (I need to get back to this level!). Erm, I logged through 8/23/14. At that point I had 250 miles. Safe to say this one is a FAIL.

- Lift my body weight in 3 lifts (perhaps Back Squat, Bench, & Power Clean). Deadlift doesn't count, I can do that already. This can be achieved by losing weight and/or getting stronger... 1/3 = FAIL. Didn't lose weight or get strong enough.
- 100 unbroken DUs (double unders, with a jump rope). Close, got 98. PARTIAL CREDIT.
- Get a muscle up (since I didn't in 2013)... Yeah. FAIL.

- Dress better for work. No more baggy man khakis! I've started a Pinterest board to 'journal' this in case you're interested in following along. Disclaimer: I'm no fashionista. Well, I didn't wear the "baggy man khakis" all year but there were still some days that were definitely not very stylish. Overall I made more of an effort so I call this one a WIN, although I need to work on my awkward selfies.
- Limit the junk. A bag of cheese poofs is not a lunch. I'm still on the hunt to figure out what's triggering my skin to be so bad. Sucks. I tried to jump-start eating healthy a few times during the year. The current attempt started on 12/7 and is going OK so far. (I'm working with a nutritionist this time around - taking things seriously!). I lost 5# in the first week so I was officially fat enough to be on Biggest Loser. Let's be honest, un-obese people don't lose 5lbs in one week... Currently a WIN.

So there it is. 2014. A good year, minus getting injured. I intend to write again soon, but just in case, please follow me on Instagram (and let me know your IG name if I don't already follow you) as I am much better at posting filtered pictures!


  1. Hi! I'm still here! Congrats on all the PRs. Dang, I didn't have any PRs this year - unless you count surgeries. Surgery PR of two in 6 months.

  2. Of course I'm always here. I could never quit you. Minus the injury, sounds like an epically badass year to me. Dang you're strong, my friend! And holy Usain Bolt to that mile time. Excellent!

  3. I'm still here. Congrats on your races this year- for someone who only ran 250 miles you really rocked it out. I ran a ton and I'm still slow, bleh. I bet all the CrossFit is really helping you! I have been wondering where you were and where you blog was, so it's great to see an update even if it's a year's worth of updates in a post.

    So sorry to read that you are injured and wishing you a speedy recovery. I was right there with ya in May/June and it was pretty horrible...

  4. Man, you're fast. With as little running as you did (right there with ya), those speedy times are even more impressive. And it looks like you may have had a PR in vavation beauty.

  5. Mic check worked! We needed another Ragnar to get you another 20-or-so miles for that total! ;-)

    I'd say going on vacation over the 2-miler was a WIN... you've done that race before, can do it again in the future (unless they cancel!) but the vacation was more rare!

    It was nice to see an update from you here!

  6. I'm still dabbling in the blog world too.....but it's definitely not like it used to be!

  7. Yay, glad you're back! Congrats on the PRs and the great races!

  8. Hi there!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!! I followed you on IG...good to see you again!!! Heading to SC on Wednesday!! Can't wait!!

  9. Sounds like a great year! I feel like a lot of people that I used to follow dropped off the blogging sphere (I did for a year). But life happens. And that's okay. :)

  10. Yay!! Imagine my surprise to see a new post of your pop up in my blog reader! Sorry to hear you've been battling injuries. Hopefully that MRI will help get you back on track.

    And on the off chance to read my blog on Feedly I'm still there! I moved to self hosted WP over Christmas but for whatever reason to get the feed to update you need to delete it and readd it.

    Happy 2015!

  11. Hi again Lindsay,

    Happy to hear about you and go on with your blog please.

    Greeting from Spain ;-)

  12. Wow a post. Seems im a little late for the party but hey. You turned 30 i turned 40. Lol. Nice job on that mile pr. Glad your back in full form.

  13. I first looked at your site because you had something to say about doing the goofy. Since many things have happened to all of us. in 2016 my son in law and I will Goofy.