Friday, May 2, 2014

The Kitchen Sink

Wow. I think I'm in the lead for the 2014 Worst Blogger award. Three months with no update? Solid. It's been a busy few months of working out (not as many running miles as I would have liked though) and we also bought new house (come visit k?).

Here are the highlights of Q1:

  • Total miles - 5.70 ...yep (it was cold/I'm a wimpy runner now)
  • Overhead Squat 3 rep max - 85#
It was a lazy month in general. Not much achieving going on.

  • Total miles - 10.0 ...yep (still cold/"cold")
  • Did a "Jus by Julie" 3-day cleanse and survived
  • CrossFit Open (it's what leads to the "Games" that you might have heard about/seen on TV; this is the first round of qualifying) - I finished in 1,912th place out of 11,261 (in the SouthEast region). Woo! Top 60 (I think) move on to Regionals, in case you want some perspective as to how "good" I am, haha.
  • Deadlift PR - 185# (15# gain)

  • Total miles - 52.4 (10% rule?)
  • 2 - 10k's (Cooper River Bridge Run 48:31, Charlotte RaceFest 46:23). Not PR's but happy with them considering the lack of running thus far (see above).
  • Attended local running club track workout for the first time - PR'd 400m at 1:21
  • Snatch PR - 95# (10# gain)
  • Back Squat PR - 145# (10# gain)
  • Push Press PR - 125# (5# gain)
  • "Grace" PR - 3:28 (30 clean & jerk for time, 95#)
  • "Fight Gone Bad" PR - 296
  • "Annie" PR - 7:44 (50-40-30-20-10 reps of double unders and situps)

Sister's first half-marathon. Ran about 8 miles with her.



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