Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mayhem Rambles

Oh hey May. I'm good at being timely.

But there's good news! I've been doing a lot more running since I last posted. Relatively. Still not as much as I used to, but I'm up to around 30mpw and even did 107+ miles in April. I also did my first double digit ("real" long run) in April, along with another 10-miler AND a half marathon race! The 'good' thing about serious injuries is appreciating the ability to just-do the things you love.

Cooper River Bridge Run (March 28)
Did another beach weekend with some friends like last year. I think I had done up to an 8-mile a long run and around 15-20 mpw. I didn't expect much (in fact I told people I'd probably do 9:00/miles). Ended up with a 48:45 (7:50/pace). Whoops. Lots of weaving (it's a super crowded race with 30k+ people).
Splits: 7:46 - 8:14 - 8:36 - 7:27 - 7:32 - 7:35

Furman 5k (April 11)
Just a local 5k. I think it cost $10. Didn't expect much here either (thought I would do 8:00/miles). Ended up with a 22:42 (7:18/pace). I'm not sandbagging with my pre-race thoughts, I just haven't done any speedwork or tempo runs so I have no idea what kind of pace to shoot for.
Splits: 7:13 - 7:23 - 7:21

Earth Day Half Marathon (April 25)
My friend had been training for this and I decided to run it the night before. I knew I could probably survive since I had done two 10-milers at this point. I wanted to do a long run but knew it was going to be rainy, so why not jump in a half mar? I was going to register the morning of the race but she decided not to run in the rain and gave me her bib. We had discussed starting out conservatively (8:45-9:00) and then picking it up and aiming for a sub 1:50 (PR attempt for her). I had this in mind when the race started, but I also got sucked into the competition around me. There was a decent hill in miles 1-2 and another around mile 6. I got greedy in miles 4-5 when mid-7's felt easy and wanted to go sub-1:40 because I thought that was only sub-8:00/mile pace* (I can't do math while running/do math period). Also at mile 4 I told myself "hey only 6 more miles". At mile 7 it was "only 5 more miles" #becausemath. Miles 8-9-10 were weaving through a college campus which was kind of annoying but my pace didn't slow as much as it felt like it was. It rained the entire time, but I was happy to see so many 7:xx miles considering I was walking with a cane 6 short months ago.
Splits: 8:05 - 8:20 - 7:58 - 7:48 - 7:29 - 7:45 - 7:47 - 7:52 - 7:39 - 8:02 - 8:01 - 7:42 - 7:27

Swamp Rabbit 5k (May 1)
I don't really like this race. There are 5k+ people on a fairly narrow course and no one ever lines up at the start correctly. I wanted to say something to all the people I passed in the first 1/2 mile who were WALKING but I refrained (/was running hard and couldn't breathe anyway). Anyway, it's a well organized race other than the lack of "corral control" at the start, and it's only $6. It's part of the local 'corporate shield' program so I was suckered into doing it for work, but I think we put together a winning Female team for a change (results still pending). There's a ginormous hill for most of mile 2 but the rest of the course is fine. For the last mile I ran with a guy named Mac as we were holding the same pace. It was nice to not think about the pace (and pain) and just focus on staying with him. He started to pick it up and forced me to go with him - "come on, you can pass that girl up there". Oh you know me already Mac.
Splits: 6:52 - 7:24 - 7:02

Other belated ramblings:

2015 New Year's Goals that I never posted anywhere and can barely remember what they were:
  1. Don't get injured. 'Nuf said. Currently: A+.
  2. Run some races for fun. Don't set PR goals (need to get healthy, stay healthy, increase mileage). Currently: Umm, B-? I've run a few races and I didn't set 'PR' goals but I did set goals that forced me into running harder than I probably should have. (See half marathon commentary above).
  3. Get my act right when it comes to food. I got fat(ter) when I was injured. It was a new PR in weight (not a good thing). Currently: A+. Down 9 lbs. On my latest trip to Target I defeated the m&m shelf and didn't buy any.
  4. Get rid of more clothes (this. every year). No one needs 27 pairs of pants or 43 long-sleeve shirts (not including long-sleeve tees). Yeah, ridiculous. Currently: C. I've gotten rid of some things, but I am still hoarding things I haven't worn in 3 years.
  5. Actually clean the house. We've waffled over getting a maid. I am not one of those people who can relieve stress by cleaning (in fact it makes me stressed). Currently. B-? I do a couple things on a regular schedule but still lots of room for improvement. I'm sure there are cobwebs somewhere.
  6. Go on two, week-long vacations. Currently: Still trying to convince Josh.
  7. Go on at least two, long-weekend mini vacations. Currently: Still trying to convince Josh.

Pretty ambitious goals, I know. Especially "go on vacation" x4. Hey, "work-life balance" is important!

*A sub-1:40 is a 7:15 pace. lolz. Not happening at this time.