Friday, November 25, 2016

Summary of Training – Route 66 Marathon (Tulsa, OK)

This is a summary of my “training” for the 2016 Route 66 Marathon, a 17-week journey from July 25th through November 19th. Stats are compared to the 2009 NYC Marathon - my current (& super old) PR (3:33).

# of runs – 83 (NYC: 145)

Miles – 595.3 (NYC: 1,114.29)

Average MPW – 36.70 (NYC: 48.21)

Highest Weekly Mileage – 70 (NYC: 68.16)

Runs Missed due to Injuries/Sickness – 24 (mostly laziness, 1 complete week of rest for pain bottom right foot, a few days near the end due to smoke from wildfires) (NYC: 17)

# runs of 15 miles or more - 6 (NYC: 11)

Hours of Running - 88 (NYC: 164)

Average Pace – 8:52 (NYC: 9:00)

Races – 1

PR’s – 0

Speed Workouts – 9 (NYC: 21)

+1 CrossFit competition

Initially, I had high hopes for Tulsa (a new PR), but we went on vacation about 3 weeks prior which didn’t exactly help with training. It took two weeks after vacation to find my rhythm again, but my legs still felt heavy and slow. I only got in one 20-mile run (mostly due to poor vacation timing) during this training, which paired with how I felt in the final weeks before the race did not lend me much confidence. I revised my A-goal to 3:45, I’d be OK with a sub-4:00, and worst-case I just needed to cross that finish line.

Spoiler alert – I ran a 3:54.


  1. I'm so glad you raced and met your sub-4 goal. After all you've been through in the past few years and coming back to the sport, it is a really great thing to meet a goal and especially a sub-4 in a marathon. I can't wait to read more about the race.

  2. Your racing is always so impressive. Even when your training is not as you wished, or planned, you still pull off a great race. You are tough ! Congrats !

  3. You are a beast! That is a great time for a tough race! Love these stats too!

  4. Nice job!! Congratulations!! I've always wanted to run that race.