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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


went on vacation last week and i think my brain is still there. before that we went to philly/nj for a wedding, and before that we went to the lake and another wedding. i realized i've been going non-stop for a few months now. busy work weeks followed by busy weekends - working, traveling somewhere, hosting guests... while the travels have mostly been for fun things, it still wears me down sometimes when combined with busy week days. and let's not even discuss the last time the bathroom was cleaned.

most natural running pose ever

got to meet the lovely jill of one little tri girl while in nj!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

planes, trains and automobiles

or, touring the east coast with irene.

thursday, woke up at 3:30am (well, technically 2am) to fly to nyc.

30 minute nap on tarmac in dc for "weather", though it wasn't raining or anything.

arrived in nyc. dropped luggage at hotel. ate lunch at schnipper's quality kitchen.

it started pouring. i had my super awesome rainproof columbia peak power shell; josh had to buy a rinky dink umbrella.

took subway to the bronx, yankee stadium. picked up tickets at will call.

he's excited to be a vip

waited out a 2+ hr rain delay to watch the yankees beat the a's 22-9, with three grand slams (josh is the yankee fan; i prefer heartache and root for the mets).

yankees rain delay

yankees three grand slam game

back to manhattan for dinner with college friends at brother jimmy's.

put some south in yo' mouth

walking back to hotel, had a unique conversation with an 8-foot tall guy (ok maybe just 7-feet).

friday, padiddled around manhattan. seriously we probably walked 11 miles, at least (i guess i can claim i did some exercise this month).

hurricane preparedness in nyc

friday night, amtrak called canceling the train from nyc to syracuse "due to the weather". still not sure why a train can't continue west when a storm is coming from the east.

penn station evacuation

saturday, took amtrak to albany. rented a car and drove to syracuse.
hung out with josh's friends all day/night.

united cancelled our sunday flight home, and it was rescheduled for tuesday. walked home from bar (~1mi) just before irene (what was left of her) moved in sometime after 3am.

irene covering new england

sunday, slept in. decided to drive home - the exorbitant one-way car rental fees were the same whether we drove 800 miles or not.

driving through irene's remains

here comes the sun

sometime after 2am monday morning, pulled in driveway, collapsed in bed.

*i am not whining or "woe is me-ing". it was an adventure of a weekend and these were such minor, minor hassles compared to what so many others are still dealing with.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

year one

charleston battery

we celebrated surviving one full year of marriage (last sunday) with a long weekend in charleston (sc) for shopping, sailing, wining and dining. i told josh we are going to have to sail annually now (in different places of course!). the downside to getting married shortly after family vacation is that josh doesn't want to take another week off for an anniversary trip. however, he claims we will go on a belated one in the fall... (ahem. it's on the internet now. you can't change your mind).

although i've been to charleston many times growing up, it's a beautiful city and you can never get tired of walking around, shopping on king street or browsing the open air market.

houses in a row

we went sailing on friday, though we waited to launch until after this behemouth cruised by:

cargo ship

i got my flippy floppies
disclaimer: the wind was behind us, puffing up my romper
and making me look like an easter peep

tasted wine at irvin house vineyards, also the home of firefly sweet tea vodka.

irvin house wine & liquor
our selections: palmetto (red), magnolia (white),
peach tea vodka, java rum, lemonade vodka (perfect for yardwork)

goats on stairs
dumb goats at the winery

we had a nice dinner at charleston grill. yes, i was redneck and took (some) pics of my food:

sweet potato ravioli (amazing invention)

main course
grilled wild salmon
with artichoke, potatoes and asparagus in a tasty green goop
for dessert i had the blueberry pie. our server came out with two tiny squares and i thought to myself "oh h*ll no this is not my pie!". it turned out to be the pre-dessert of coconut milk/tapioca with mango and pineapple, which was quite delicious. the actual-dessert was decently sized, but i did not get a picture because i inhaled it (also delicious).

overall it was a relaxing weekend although it made going back to work on monday extra tough. oh yeah, and 0% running or biking last week. le sigh...
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